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Taking a model and turning them into a statue who may look to be marble, gold, silver, bronze, stone or even clay or wood. They act as stationary objects to gather attention from your guests. Once in a while they move ever so slightly, so as to change the look and maintain an organic quality. They can be utilized for any party or event.

Cost: $400/2 hours
           $100 each additional hour




Similar to Living Statues, these actors take on a more abstract role as being a human tree or bush, a standing lamp, a centerpeice of a moving table, living artwork in a frame, and so much more. Great to add a little humor and excitement to any party or event.

Cost: $600/2 hours
           $100 each additional hour 




If you attend a lot of events with a booth to advertise what you sell or a service you offer, but do not directly sell at the booth, or you need a unique way of advertising your business on the street, a Living Marquee may be what you are looking for. The model can be painted in whatever theme your business desires with your business logo painted on them. They act as an artistic representative for your company and can talk to your customers or clientel directly when you cannot. They are a great way of getting the attention you are looking for. 

Cost: $400/2 hours
           $100 each additional hour 




Would you like something that will amaze your guests at your party? Or maybe something engaging at an indoor or outdoor event? Why not have your guest try looking for the model who is hidden in the background? Great way to strike up conversations and get that WOW factor you have been looking for, but never see. Models can be painted to blend in to any background you can imagine and unless they open their eyes or smile, you won't see them there. Fun for any occassion.

Cost: $400/2 hours
           $100 each additional hour




There are many ways you can utilize my services. One of the best ways is to make money from me! Here are some options to choose from:

OPTION 1 - Hire us at $50/hour and that provides FREE face painting
OPTION 2 - Hire us at $50/hour and charge $5 per face
OPTION 3 - Give us a booth and we will split profits 50/50
OPTION 4 - Find us a sponsor at $100/hour and get FREE face painting




Like Non-Profits, you get to utilize all the same options or you can set a date, give all the kids a permission slip and collect $3 for every child who wants their face painted. This is the easiest and best way I have found when dealing with schools and daycares.




You get the same options as Non-Profits. You can also utilize the Schools & Daycares option for VBS. There are special deals that can be made if you have a camp you would like us to paint at as well. Call us for more details.




I am currently working on plans for workshops in the New Port Richey area. Please keep an eye out as I will be putting more information out in the next few months. Currently, there are no workshops.

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