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Even though the image gives you information, elaboration is needed on one part. As you scroll down you will see the placement of your sponsorship on the other parts.


With the distribution of business promotional material, we have extra room on our table to place any business cards, brochures, flyers, or any other medium you would like us to promote your business.

As we are being sponsored by your business, we have the unique opportunity to talk to our customers and introduce them to your business and push whatever promotions you may have at that time. This is a great way to make sure that people know your business exists and find out more about it.


Now scroll down to see how your business logo will be used and how it will benefit you to sponsor us.


We have 3 main banners that your businesses logo will appear on. First let me say that you will only be sponsoring me for one event at a time, so the "LOGO" will be a vinyl sticker, so it can be changed with each event I do, but if you choose to sponsor us for more than one event, we will have multiple stickers to use and your logo will be very visible.


The first banner in the image is a 3' x 8' banner that goes in the front of my booth. 

The second banner is 4' x 9' and I have 2 of them, o they will be seen from different sides of the booth depending on how it is setup at an event.

This means that your logo will be seen from at least 3 points with my booth setup.


I take photos of all the paintings I do and post them to my Facebook Business Page. I do this as a great word of mouth advertisement on social media, because friends and family will share the photos on their wall and i will get seen by more than just those who like our page.


All my photos have my logos in the bottom left. Your business logo will appear on the bottom right. In addidition, we will put links to your website and/or Facebook business page in the description of each photo and a brief description of your business in the ablum description. That way anyone who shares will also get your business info as well.

If you want, we can also include your business phone number so they can call you directly.


Now we know this seems redundant to put a screenshot of our website here, but how else can we show you what it will look like with asking you to click on the "SPONSORS" tab?


Esentially, it will be an extra way of marketing your business when others come to our site. 


Each logo will be presented with your business name, brief description, and when they click on it, they will be taken directly to your website or Facebook business page.

Are you still interested in sponsoring us?


Is $500/day sounding even better as an investment?




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